Sonoma County Barrel Auction

These Sonoma County Barrel Auction lots were auctioned off on May 3, 2024. Stay tuned for next year's 2025 SoCoBA lots!

Banshee logo

Lot #2 Banshee Wines

A unique opportunity brought Banshee Wines to source from the R&P Marcucci Vineyard (Block 7- Pommard Clone) and the Sonoma-Davis Vineyard (Block B2- Clone 2A) for the 2023 vintage. They have never blended these blocks from the two vineyards…
Domaine Della logo

Lot #27 Domaine Della

Domaine Della is celebrating the significant milestone of its 10th anniversary this year and felt that it was perfect to share this momentous occasion with the Sonoma County Barrel Auction’s own 10th anniversary. To commemorate these parallel…
Saintsbury logo

Lot #56 Saintsbury Winery

The Saintsbury Garden is the heart of the Carneros winery, where visitors come to taste and Saints gather and break bread throughout the changing seasons. Planted in the mid-1980s by renowned Landscape Designer Michael Bates of Sonoma Mountain…
Gary Farrell Winery Three Sticks lockup

Lot #60 Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery, Three Sticks Wines

“Clone Alone” packs a double one-two punch: Made from one Grand Cru vineyard with one exceptional clone all alone from two meticulously tended vineyard blocks by two visionary winemakers. Situated at the zenith of the Petaluma Gap, Gap's…
Walt logo

Lot #62 WALT Wines

WALT Estate Vineyard, Bob’s Ranch, lies alongside the region known as the Petaluma Wind Gap. This area is known for cooler temperatures due to the connection of fog and wind funneling along a pathway from the Pacific Ocean through the Bodega…